Business audit of companies – internal audit of the company to conquer international markets and ensure the longevity of the business

A business audit is used to determine whether a company is of international interest and what kind of products or services it may represent. Business consulting helps owners to answer important questions such as whether it is worth entering the international market at all or whether they need to be well prepared beforehand.

Years of depression. Nissan – 1997

In 1997, the Nissan company produced about 3 million different brands of cars per year. But, at that time, the company took enhanced measures to reduce costs, investments and the number of workers in production. In 1990, the Japanese economy was in decline, which not only had a negative impact on the development of the company, but also found a tendency to stagnation. In 1995, the production site in Jima was closed. This changed the company’s strategy and made it international. The continuation follows…

Business processes and a plan for companies to enter the international market

To enter the international market, you need to understand business processes that will change the life of the company, and their implementation, over time, will lead to the international arena. Each company has its own peculiarities, but it is possible to give a general example, which is suitable for all trading and production businesses, when entering the international market in several phases:

  • Phase 1 (trial export sale);
  • Phase 2 (intensive sale in a particular small market with the collection of marketing information);
  • Phase 3 (export marketing).

Struggle for a place in the sun

Back in 1990 Nissan created a project group to develop a new strategy for promotion in the world market. The main objective of the “Global Evolution” was to increase production efficiency, obtain greater economic benefits and consolidate in foreign markets of most developing and developed countries, by mastering new methods of work and expanding the range of car brands. Thus, during the audit and analysis of the company in accordance with the development of the strategy of “Global Evolution” it was decided to combine joint efforts with Renault, while maintaining the brands. The continuation follows…

In the first phase of entering the international market, no global change in the company’s business processes is required. It is characterized by the duration of 1-3 months and a small budget to test its product on the international market. In the second phase, mutually beneficial cooperation is strengthened, business ties are deepened and business efficiency is increased.

Sales of alliance

In 2006, the alliance between Nissan and Renault sold 5.9% of cars (9% of all car sales worldwide). This is the 4th place in the world ranking.

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The third phase is characterized by the development of stable bilateral relations, the product is increasingly adapting to the foreign market and acquiring an international image. The company’s entry into phase 3 means that other previously closed international markets are open for it, it no longer focuses on its own country’s market and shows significant development. When developing the right marketing strategy, it is possible to produce goods in other countries.

Nissan in alliance with Renault

Each of the companies had to make the most of the partner’s potential. For Nissan, it is the experience of strong management, more competent planning, creative design solutions and strong market positions in Europe and Latin America. For Renault, it means more advanced technology, advantages in the production base and a stronger position in the ATP and North American markets. The continuation follows…

Audit of risk assessment before starting an international business

For a competent decision to promote the company in the international market, it is necessary to conduct an audit of business and minimize risks. For this purpose, the board of directors of the company, marketing experts, sales department, logistics department and other responsible persons at the general meeting should answer the following important questions listed below:

  • What are the goals of the company and its prospects?
  • What products or services can I offer?
  • Do it on your own or involve business partners?
  • What kind of marketing program should be developed to achieve the set goals?
  • How to organize the process of marketing program organization?  
  • What profit and what results can be achieved in the international market?

These are the main questions that need to be solved within the company and to which the answer should be given. In the future, you can attract specialists and various expert agencies that can help you in this: to conduct a professional internal audit of your business, develop plans for further development, translate them into reality and achieve your goals.

New Solutions

First of all, the united union of companies adopted a staff regulation and developed a joint program “Work with a partner”. This programme is designed to provide the staff with a better understanding of the cultural background and working styles of foreign companies (French and Japanese) in the field of communications and management. Staff exchange has been practiced and a business career program for employees in the alliance has been adopted. There were significant changes in Nissan management. Under the management of the company, first of all, we began to understand its philosophy and achieving the end result, rather than “dry” management and responsibility of only one, some responsible unit.

How do we conduct an internal audit of small and medium business efficiency?

The business audit is conducted in two step. At the first step, our agency fills in a questionnaire “Profile of legal entity (enterprise) on the possibility of trade in the international market. In the process of its evaluation and thorough analysis, the company’s aspirations, opportunities, obstacles to development in the international market are identified and the appropriate conclusion of the efficiency stages is given:

Expert opinion

The experts came to a unanimous decision that gaining international business experience is the best and maybe the only way to ensure the longevity of the company. 

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  • Stage 1 (operates only in the local market, it is scalable);
  • Stage 2 (operating within the region or its own country, ready for development);
  • Stage 3 (the Company is searching for foreign counterparties in addition to its national market);
  • Stage 4 (works with foreign contractors, enters the international market, opens its offices);
  • Stage 5 (works in the international market, produces and sells products on their territory).

After carrying out the first step and defining the stage in which the company is, it is necessary to start the second step. It includes the development of an international business model, risk minimization, marketing strategy and plan for its organization.

The fruits of the joint effort

Meetings are held with the participation of representatives from different departments and areas of activity. This is how company values were developed. Marketing, technologies, design, payment of dividends to shareholders, social arrangement of employees and consumer wishes were given sufficient attention. The target audience was reviewed. As a result, the development strategy of the companies and mutual support of each other, in more underdeveloped markets, for each of the partners, led to an increase in demand and presence of Nissan and Renault car brands on all continents.