Database of organizations and enterprises – start your international world wide business now

Hello! If you have visited this page, then for some reason you are interested to learn about the database in the segment B2B – business for business. We will first of all tell you about the opportunities offered by the use of the database of organizations, for what you should pay attention when choosing it from different firms and in conclusion, how best to collect information about companies in Russia and CIS countries, the EEA, EU.

The story of creating an international database of the world

The desire to collect databases of Russian and foreign companies for business has not come at once. It all started during a month-long business trip to Turkey. Yes, this country is famous not only for its all-inclusive hotels, but also for its developed trade. Companies, organizations and manufacturers are “at war” in the domestic market for each “piece of bread” and intensely looking for markets. Who was in Istanbul and walked along Istiklal Street, knows perfectly well what kind of competition there is, and if there was not yet, we advise to go and see for yourself. Continuing on…

What advantages dos the enterprise database have?

Perhaps you know your advantages or disadvantages of using a database of organizations. We can see the obvious economic benefits for business. They are mainly related to the reduction of advertising costs, the speed of development of partnerships, affordable access to new markets, including international, attracting new income. Let us list these advantages below:

  • Savings on advertising budget
    (no need to do your site and spend money on promotion);
  • Shorten the time it takes to find customers
    (working immediately with new clients and businesses);
  • Rapid business development and revenue generation
    (client base partners are willing to pay);
  • The ability to immediately use CRM
    (effectively keep records of work with partners in the service);
  • Business for a long time
    (you can work with the information base by adding contacts);
  • Opportunity to enter new markets
    (by buying a client base of companies in another city and country);
  • Additional income
    (having the basic business, to open a new enterprise, without big expenses);

All these benefits of using the database of organisations will only work if it meets certain quality standards. We will talk further about what needs to be met and what needs to be in the organization database, what to look for and what questions to ask before buying it.

Part 2 – business guests

During our business trip, we were invited to visit a garment factory for a marketing consultation. These are our friends, and at the same time – a family business, in which our mother is involved – an excellent designer, older brother – is in charge of human resources and production management processes, younger brother – is engaged in promoting the company in the market and advertising. After 2 days of consultations: clarified the target audience, determined the category of products, developed a new concept of brand, site and promotion. The continuation should …

What requirements should a database of companies meet?

If you seriously decided to create your own database of companies or buy, then before you spend money, you need to know how it was collected and how it was checked. A quality database should contain the following reliable information, on the basis of which you can create an internal and external profile of a potential client in Russia or any country in the world:

  • Contacts of a person for communication
  • Contacts of the organization
  • Types of activities
  • Types of goods
  • Types of services
  • Ready to work
First marketing database in the world

The world's first online client databases appeared in 1980. With the development of Internet opportunities, databases were improved and new marketing tools appeared in them (purchase and sales automation, convenient usability, reporting, the ability to perform analytics). So many companies could receive necessary, actual information directly from clients and expanded the business possibilities.

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How do we collect a database of small and medium business organizations?

There are many ways to obtain data from enterprises. All of them differ in their focus and features in the process of collecting and processing information. In addition, some types of database collection have clear pros and cons. Let’s list the main ones and with whom we already cooperate or plan in the future:

  • Government departments (assistance in statistics collection)
  • Public organizations (non-profit organizations)
  • Chambers of Commerce (commercial enterprises)
  • Unions and associations (commercial and non-profit organizations)
  • Business communities (commercial organizations and large businessmen)
  • Direct audit (not used due to high cost of database collection)
  • Network parsing (not used due to the poor quality of information received)
  • VCE Agency website (you can register your company or help create a database)

Part 3 – about our decision to help in international business

Business meetings, city tours, shopping malls and huge competition in the domestic market have all had a strong impact. Why look for crumbs and “fight” for a client in the domestic market when the whole world is open to us? It is more profitable and efficient to find less competitive markets abroad. There are a lot of companies like the garment factory and everyone is in the same position – they all need help. That’s when it came to the idea that we can help many people in international business who need it.